Alta's Becca Beaudoin and Collette Crystal

SANDY — The Alta girls basketball team stands at 7-10 this year and is led by a couple of guards, Collette Crystal and Becca Beaudoin, who carry 10.5 and 11 points per game averages, respectively.

Both girls started playing this game when they were so young they can hardly remember. Both girls played on boys teams at the start because those teams were the only ones available, later on because they liked the better competition. Both played with the boys nearly into their teens.

"The speed of the game is faster," Beaudoin said.

"And more intense," added Crystal.

Both girls are borderline gym rats, saying they will practice in church gyms once in a while, sometimes find local courts to play on and from time to time stay late after practice to shoot around.

And in the classroom, both girls score 3.7 GPAs.

Those are the similarities, now for the differences.

Each girl possesses individual skills that are admired by the other and, in fact, complement each other out on the court. Crystal comes in a shorter, compact package with adroit dribbling skills.

"She can get to the basket anytime she wants," said Beaudoin said.

Beaudoin's whose taller frame lends her to playing multiple positions, which in fact she has played, at one time or another, the two, three, four and five spots.

"She is really good at shooting the three," said Crystal about Beaudoin.

Beaudoin said that Alta girls had suffered a number of injuries and that's why she has played so many positions.

"I play wherever they need me," she said.

Crystal said that Beaudoin was very good "offensively" in any of the positions while Crystal claimed her best strength was defense.

"I like to play defense a lot," she said.

Moving off the court, the differences were even more pronounced. Crystal had played multiple sports and still plays softball for Alta. Beaudoin concentrated solely on basketball and played on club teams, traveling to all corners of the country. Crystal had not played on basketball club teams but had traveled extensively playing club softball.

Crystal serves as a student body officer in the position of Women's Chair.

"We do fundraisers and things," she said.

Her very favorite thing to do is to go boating.

"My favorite place in the world is Lake Powell," she said.

Beaudoin didn't offer up any extracurricular activities, only saying that she spends all her spare time playing basketball. Only a sophomore, she'll be back to do that a couple more years. As for Crystal, she's enjoying her senior season.

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