A North Ogden lawmaker doesn't think Utah should comply with newly released federal standards designed to make drivers' licenses more secure.

The final rules for the REAL ID Act were only released a couple weeks ago, and Utah has already filed for an extension with the compliance deadline looming.

Rep. Glenn Donnelson, R-North Ogden, met last week's deadline to file a bill that he says would mean Utah doesn't comply with the lengthy guidelines.

"Several states are saying they're not going to implement the REAL ID Act," said Donnelson. "They are changing the rules all the time. How can we keep up with it?"

Last year, lawmakers approved a resolution Donnelson sponsored encouraging the federal government to pull out of the act. Initial estimates were that the act could cost Utah $2.5 million in start up costs and $2.5 million ongoing. That estimate will be revised now that the final rules are out, said Jeff Nigber, spokesman for the Utah Department of Public Safety.

Utah has already filed for an extension to comply by December 2009, and has the option of filing for another extension until December 2011. If the state doesn't comply, Utah driver's licenses may no longer be valid identity documents at certain government offices or for boarding airplanes, he said.