BLUE MAN GROUP, MIKE RELM, EnergySolutions Arena, Saturday

Forget "American Idol." The way to become a musical megastar, according to the Blue Man Group, is to order the how-to manual by phone.

The Blue Man Group didn't need the bickering judges or the votes of fans. They just needed to follow the manual's step-by-step instructions that were beamed to the EnergySolutions Arena via video.

Everything from fist pumping to foot-stomping to throwing drumsticks and guitar picks into the audience was shown, and the three Blue Men did what they were told.

But the show went further. Backed by two percussionists, a drummer, two guitarists, a bassist, a keyboardist and vocalist, the Blue Man Group took the audience on a melodic, multimedia journey.

Although the Blue Men performed without speaking, they got their message of "How to Become a Megastar" across with their own blend of musical expression.

By beating on customized PVC valves, snapping whip-sticks and handling a mobile video camera, the trio brought surreal percussive sounds to musical arrangements of Pink Floyd's "One of These Days," Van Halen's "Jump," the Who's "Baba O'Riley" and Madonna's "Like a Virgin."

Multiple rock music in-jokes had some in the audience scratching their heads while others laughed long and loud. But the show was enjoyable for most ages.

The humor, like the music, was delivered with on-the-spot timing. Various props, such as cell phones, lasers, cigarette lighters and fire extinguishers "lightened" up the show during critical moments of fun.

The trio donned TV monitors over their heads during another skit that poked fun at consumerism, but one of the creative highlights of the show involved marshmallows.

One Blue Man tossed colored marshmallows across the stage into the mouths of the other two who chewed them and then spat the paste onto a souvenir T-shirt for one audience member.

A load of white marshmallows were then chomped down and spat out into a minisculpture for another fan. Who knows whether she kept it.

The night began with the musical and video manipulations of DJ/videographer Mike Relm, who got the audience revved up with his energetic, groove-laced, musical humor.

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