LAYTON — The Davis Surgical Center, 1544 W. 2000 North, Layton, is celebrating its 10th year of operation.

Originally conceived as a more patient-friendly alternative to the traditional hospital stay, the Davis Surgical Center practices state-of-the-art medicine on an outpatient basis to provide the most comfortable, high-quality and cost-effective medical care possible.

"We created the center to specialize in outpatient care," said anesthesiologist Earl Leeman, who practices full-time at the Davis Surgical Center. "Our intention wasn't to replace the hospital, but to provide a different experience and another option for the residents of Davis County. Our goal is that when people come here they don't feel sick, they feel they're getting well."

Since opening in January of 1998, the Davis Surgical Center has serviced more than 53,000 patients.