A member of a violent street gang wanted for an attempted double homicide and aggravated carjacking in California was arrested in Utah Tuesday night.

Larry Garcia, 33, who also goes by the alias Anthony Garcia, was already wanted for parole violation in Sacramento when he shot two people and then carjacked and kidnapped a teenager during the getaway, said Salt Lake Metro Gang Sgt. Saul Bailey.

Police in Sacramento developed information Garcia may have fled to Utah where he has some family and criminal associates. Garcia was actually arrested in West Valley a year ago when he committed another crime in California and fled to Utah to hide, Bailey said.

When the Metro Gang Unit received word Garcia was back, Bailey said his unit along with Sandy and Sacramento police worked quickly to track him down.

"This guy is a three-striker. He's basically looking at the rest of his natural life in a California prison, and he knows it," Bailey said. "He is definitely a guy we wanted off our streets here in Utah. Just his offenses speak for themselves. This is absolutely someone we want off our streets as soon as possible."

The gang unit received information Tuesday of possible associates in Sandy.

"We checked a few addresses, one panned out," Bailey said.

Members of the gang unit spotted Garcia's car in a 7-Eleven parking lot, 9769 S. 700 East, about 8:30 p.m. Members of the gang unit used their vehicles to box in Garcia's car. Sandy's SWAT team was on standby in case Garcia broke free.

Garcia tried to get away, causing "slight contact" between his vehicle and those from the Metro Gang Unit. He was unable to break through the blockade, however, and was taken into custody. Garcia was not armed, Bailey said.

Garcia was being held Wednesday in the Salt Lake County Jail on a no-bail NCIC warrant for being a fugitive from justice.

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