HURRICANE — Apparently the Deseret Morning News is a hot read — at least for one man who police say was caught with a pilfered newspaper stand.

Washington County sheriff's deputies said they arrested a man they believe stole a Deseret Morning News newspaper stand with the papers still inside. A deputy was on patrol on I-15 near St. George early Monday morning when a car came speeding up behind him.

"This car comes blazing up behind him," Washington County Sheriff's Lt. Jake Adams said Thursday. "He pulls the car over for a speeding violation. When he walked up to the car he glances in the back seat and sees this enormous Deseret Morning News newspaper stand. It's filling up the back seat of the car."

The big blue coin-operated box in the backseat of the man's car raised the suspicions of the deputy.

"He thinks this is weird," Adams said. "Long story short, he arrests the guy for DUI and he's got a couple of warrants."

Under questioning, the man said he had stolen the newspaper stand in Beaver Dam, Ariz., and was taking it to Cedar City.

"He said he was going to sell it to a guy," Adams said.

Police aren't sure if they believe the man's story. He was booked into the Purgatory Jail on possession of stolen property, driving under the influence of alcohol and some warrants, deputies said.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office said it intends to track down the newspaper box's rightful owner, even asking a Deseret Morning News reporter if he'd be willing to take the box back to Salt Lake City.

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