President Gordon B. Hinckley left a legacy filled with temples, kindness and a constant desire to reach out to the community, said Presiding Bishop H. David Burton in a talk at President Hinckley's funeral Saturday.

When Burton found out about President Hinckley's death, he said he cried tears of sadness and then tears of joy at the news — an experience he says likely was shared by other members of the LDS Church.

"I suspect many of you stepped foot on that same emotional roller coaster," Bishop Burton said.

Young people in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were especially attached to President Hinckley, Bishop Burton said. President Hinckley was "their hero," he said, and the youth of the church received many poignant lessons from him, such as the "six B's," to be grateful, be smart, be clean, be true, be humble and be prayerful.

Bishop Burton thanked the youth of the church for their example in honoring President Hinckley in his death.

"You have led the way in honoring and eulogizing our dear prophet," he said.

Bishop Burton reflected on the legacies of previous church presidents and what they accomplished during their presidencies. There are so many significant things that President Hinckley did, Bishop Burton said, that, "Perhaps time will help sort them out for each of us."

Bishop Burton talked about one of the last meetings President Hinckley conducted, a meeting for the Board of Directors for the Perpetual Education Fund. When the status of the fund was reviewed, President Hinckley said it was "remarkable" and a "miracle," Bishop Burton said. President Hinckley was about miracles, he said.

President Hinckley took the church from having 47 temples to 125, including the Rexburg, Idaho, temple, which will soon be dedicated, Bishop Burton said.

"A miracle? I think so," he said. "Prophets are about miracles."

President Hinckley shared his belief in God all over the world, Bishop Burton said, but his family also shared President Hinckley with the world.

"Family, with quiet dignity, you have endured well the sacrifice of sharing your father with all of us," Bishop Burton said. "Please accept our thanks. May God comfort, bless and keep each of you until you meet him again."

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