Two would-be home invaders apparently weren't expecting any resistance after forcing their way into a house Wednesday.

The men forced their way into a house near 1500 West and 400 South just before 10 p.m. and held two other men at gunpoint, said Salt Lake City police detective Jared Wihongi.

But the men didn't see two more house-mates in the kitchen who overheard the commotion. The men walked out to see what was happening, and one immediately hit the gunman in the arm, knocking the weapon from his hand, Wihongi said.

A fight ensued. By the time it was over, the four roommates had the two intruders pinned, and they kept them that way until police arrived. Both intruders suffered minor injuries and had to be checked by medical personnel before being taken to the Salt Lake County Jail, Wihongi said.

The motive for the break-in was still being investigated Thursday. Detectives were getting conflicting stories that the men demanded money and that they were there for retribution for a previous incident.