Mitt Romney's campaign for the presidency has raised some interesting questions:

Who convinced this moderate Republican to cast himself as a right-wing conservative?

Why has he attempted to be not just the successor but also the defender of George W. Bush, the least popular president in U.S. history?

Why did he think he would appeal to the Christian evangelical right, a group that unequivocally hates Mormons?

Why has his campaign been so negative, built on attack ads rather than statements touting his strengths?

Why didn't he come right out and call those who have made his religion an issue what they really are: bigots?

Why doesn't he rise above all the petty name-calling and stick to his strength: fixing things that are broken?

Mitt Romney obviously has more dollars than sense. McCain was right. Romney's attack ads set the repulsive tone for the Republican primary. If he feels everyone is ganging up against him, it's his own fault.

Roger Terry