CINCINNATI (AP) — A popular exhibit of human cadavers is unseemly and inappropriate for Roman Catholic school field trips, Cincinnati's archbishop said Monday.

"Bodies ... The Exhibition," opening Friday at the Cincinnati Museum Center, features 20 human cadavers, preserved by a process called polymer preservation and shown in various poses.

Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk first sent an e-mail to Catholic school administrators saying that the exhibit is inappropriate for school trips, and adding that it should be up to parents to determine whether they want their children to see it. The church maintains that dead bodies must be treated "in a way that recognizes the dignity of the human person," he said.

Atlanta-based Premier Exhibitions said the company was disappointed with the archdiocese's statement. The upcoming Cincinnati exhibition will include more than 280 specimens, including full and partial bodies and individual organs.

The goal is to show the inner workings of the human body, taking viewers through nine galleries representing different systems of the body, said Cheryl Mure, Premier Exhibitions' education director.