No surprise here.

KSL radio (AM-1160/FM-102.7) was again the most-listened-to Salt Lake market radio station this past fall.

Arbitron's fall book was recently released, and in the age 12-plus category, KSL had an 8.4 percent share to outdo runner-up and sister station KSFI ("FM-100"), which had a 5.9 percent rating.

KSL, with its news/talk format, held steady following its 8.5 percent share last summer. It looks as if many Wasatch Front residents still favor information and talk over music on the radio.

KNRS (AM-570) held onto third place with 5.5 percent share, up more than half a point from the previous ratings book.

Other stations that saw an increase in ratings include KOSY (FM-106.5), KBEE (FM-98.7), KBZN (FM-97.9) and KEGA (FM-101.5). KBEE in particular had its best performance in many years, surging back into the top 10.

Stations that saw a decline include KUBL (FM-93.3), KUUU ("U92"), KDUT (FM-102.3) and KJQN (FM-103.1).

Here is the Arbitron listing in numerical order:

1. KSL (8.4 percent share); 2. KSFI (5.9); 3. KNRS-AM (5.5); 4. KZHT (4.6); 5. KXRK (4.5); 6. KOSY (4.0); 7. KJMY (3.6); 8. KUBL (3.5); 9. KRSP (3.4); 10. KBEE (3.1);

11. (tie) KODJ and KUUU (3.0); 13. KBER (2.7); 14. KENZ (2.6); 15. (tie) KBZN and KKAT (2.3); 17. KEGA (2.0); 18. KDUT (1.8); 19. KHTB/KRAR (1.7); 20. (tie) KBMG and KUDD/KUDE (1.6);

22. KFNZ-AM (1.3); 23. (tie) KJQN and KYMV (1.2); 25. (tie) KALL-AM and KLO-AM (1.1); 27. (tie) KXRV and KZNS-AM/KOVO-AM (0.8); 29. KOAY (0.7); 30. KUTR-AM (0.5).

Note that this listing doesn't include all stations. Some, such KSOP and others that don't subscribe to Arbitron, are omitted. Now what sense it makes to leave them out of this general listing is a mystery to me.

Noncommercial stations are also not included in this ranking.

MORE DANNY JESSOP — This veteran DJ with more than 40 years in Utah radio also worked five years at KSL, two years as the program director at KISN and another three years at KSFI. That's in addition the other jobs I mentioned last week.

TEN YEARS AGO IN SALT LAKE RADIO — KNRS, AM-570, launches as an all-news/talk station. ... KBKK became KOSY at FM-106.5. ... KBER moves "Uncle Nasty" to afternoons and puts the syndicated "Bob and Tom" in the morning slot. ... "Frankie" on KZHT goes "homeless" and lives on the streets in a box for a week in a radio stunt to raise money for the needy. ... KUBL stages a Reba McEntire look-alike contest.

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