A mile in his shoes

Poor Andrei Kirilenko. The fouls. The shame. The pine time.

In the Jazz's Jan. 21 game against the Clippers, the former All-Star spent more down time than a house cat, logging just 9 1/2 minutes.

"Step out on the floor, get foul, get back on the bench," Kirilenko told the Salt Lake Tribune. "Step out on the floor, get foul, get back on the bench. It's not really fun ..."

On the upside, he now knows what it's like to be Rafael Araujo.

Emotional spectrum

Don't worry about A.K., though.

He followed up the Clippers game with a fine outing against Sacramento and was sensational in Monday's win over San Antonio.

Not even Ron Artest's arm-swinging tactics could get him off track.

"Well, it's very hard to get me out of control," Kirilenko said. "I'm a cold-blooded Russian."

Not to sound cold-blooded, but if that's true, how come he cried during the playoffs last spring?

Team effort

A former assistant district attorney and PTA president in suburban New York has been charged with providing booze, pot and sex to teens.

Beth Modica is alleged to have thrown wild parties for kids and had sexual relations with at least four of her 16-year-old son's hockey teammates.

Whatever happened to just bringing brownies?

Higher learning

He's kidding, right?

Cleveland Cavs guard Daniel Gibson answered SI.com's Pop Culture Grid Survey by declaring his favorite author is Dr. Seuss.

In response to the query "Hanna Montana is ..." he replied, "Awesome. I watch her show on the Disney Channel."

This from a guy who graduated sixth out of 212 students in his high school senior class and was a member of the National Honor Society.

For once, Rock On is speechless.


Home run king Barry Bonds asked a judge to dismiss perjury charges last week, singling out the indictment as "scattershot" and singular in its "striking inartfulness."

Which might also be a good way to describe Bonds' use of the language.

Neighborhood teams

Don Banks of SI.com is quick to point out that this year's Super Bowl is sure to stir the rivalry between Boston and New York.

But he also notes that it's odd, because the Patriots actually play half an hour outside Boston, and the Giants play home games in New Jersey.

Still, it could be worse.

It could be an MLS playoff match between Real Sandy and FC Frisco.

Animal farm

Fans attending a recent Oklahoma City Blazers hockey game had a shot at winning a cow, lamb, goat or pig, as part of a charity giveaway.

Don't worry about the mess. Considering NHL fans throw octopi on the ice to liven games, what are a couple of farm animals gonna hurt?

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