Reaction to the passing of President Gordon B. Hinckley was in abundant supply on the Internet Monday, and the comments were overwhelmingly positive.

For example, by 9 a.m. Monday, the Deseret Morning News Web site had 1,235 comments posted under the main story about President Hinckley's death. By early afternoon, that had swelled to more than 1,500 respondents. also had several hundred comments about President Hinckley's passing.

Here are some examples of Web site postings:

From the Deseret Morning News site

• "To live so LONG and die at 97 is amazing, but to live as he vibrantly did at 97 — even more so. God bless his family." — Tammy B from Minnesota

• "He was a great man who was loved by many. I am grateful for all of the time and energy he put into his calling." — Aaron

• "President Hinckley will truly be missed. He was a great leader and a wonderful man. What sad news." — Geoff in Las Vegas

• What sad news. We loved him so much! He was a wonderful prophet! I'm glad he finally gets to be with his wife though." — Millers

• "Non-LDS here ... I am here to tell you what a great man he was." — Faithful disciple

• "What an amazing Prophet of God .. He is the only Prophet that I can remember as a youth! There will always be a special place in my heart for him!" — NJ Mormon

• "I send my deepest sympathy to President Hinckley's family. He was a man of great vision and empathy. I loved him dearly as the prophet throughout my mission and thereafter. He will be missed greatly." — Steven Fisher

• "We now mourn his loss and feel joy for his happy reunion with Marjorie. He made this world a better place." — Charles M. Dew

• "Rest in Peace. What a wonder Prophet he was." — Anonymous

• "We have been blessed to have him with us for so long. He will be remembered and sorely missed." — Kalena

• "I feel like I did when my father died." — Kamatoa

• "We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet!" — Jason


• "What a dear, sweet man. My heart is breaking for his death, but rejoicing for his life ..." — Luckylucy

• "We will greatly miss you, President Hinckley. You have been an inspiration to us through the years. We are greatly saddened by your passing, but we cannot help but think of the joyous reunion that is occurring on the other side with your lovely wife, family and past prophets..." — Jeff K

• "My condolences on your loss. While our theological differences exist, one cannot deny President Hinckley was a great man and wonderful leader. After general conference the news would generally highlight his speeches and his message ..." — Kathryn B.

• "Thank you for all that you have taught us. What an amazing man you are. We will never forget you. Love Always." — Mary W.

• What an amazing man. We were all very blessed to have experienced his leadership, his passion, his humor and his testimony of the Savior." —Luftgekuhlt

• "President Hinckley is a firm and shining example to me of dealing with and befriending people who are not of our faith and with people who might not understand our ways. .." — Bayedbest

• "We were not surprised, but greatly saddened. May the Lord bless and keep his family secure in the knowledge that he is now with other loved ones..." — Jacqueline W.

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