Before my children are allowed to become engaged in a "project" (art, cooking, Legos), I make them promise to clean up. If they cannot clean up, they are not allowed to do the project. When I think of nuclear power plants being built in Utah, I say, fine, but how are you going to "clean up" a mess that lasts for thousands, if not millions, of years?

I thought the column by Joe Cannon (Jan. 27) was very thought-provoking. That he has no ties to nuclear power and that he has worked in the power industry for so long makes his opinion very worthy, in my mind.

But I wish someone could tell me why we need more and more electricity? Are we just plain energy pigs? And if so, shouldn't we ween ourselves from the electric nipple before we kill our children with air pollution or radioactive waste?

Lori Shields

Salt Lake City