TAYLORSVILLE — The City Council voted 3-2 Wednesday night to table a motion that would have changed the zoning of the city's three mobile-home parks from multifamily zoning to mobile-home-specific zoning.

Councilmen Bud Catlin and Morris Pratt voted against the motion. Councilmen Lynn Handy, Les Matsamura and Jerry Rechtenbach voted for the motion.

The change would have required the owners of the mobile-home parks to go through a public hearing process before turning the property into apartments or condos.

Prior to voting, Rechtenbach said he wanted to table the motion because of a bill pending in the Utah Senate that would allow mobile-home owners up to a year to move after the property on which their land sits is sold. Catlin disagreed, saying he thought the issue deserved further attention at the local level.

The council agreed to bring the ordinance back after Utah's legislative session ends.

Meanwhile, the property on which Taylorsville's mobile homes sit cannot be sold.

About 100 people attended Wednesday's meeting, but the vote to table the issue wasn't taken until about 9:30 p.m. The meeting began at 6:30 p.m.