Midvale police have released a sketch artist's drawing of the man they believe shot and killed a man during an apparent road-rage incident.

Frank Saucedo, 43, was shot by another driver Jan. 15 on Fort Union Boulevard near 700 East. Saucedo was the passenger in a car driven by 25-year-old Morgan Taylor with another woman in the backseat. The group was pulling out of a Smith's Food and Drug parking lot near 7000 South and 1000 East about 10 p.m. onto Fort Union when their car may have cut off a Toyota Tacoma, according to police.

The Tacoma followed the other vehicle, and investigators believe some words were exchanged before the driver of the Tacoma fired through the back window of the vehicle Saucedo was in, striking him in the back of the head.

The sketch released Friday comes from Taylor's description. Midvale Police Sgt. John Salazar said investigators were also working with Taylor to come up with a computer-generated composite picture of the shooter.

The gunman is described as a white man in his late 20s to early 30s with wavy brown hair, a mustache and beard, according to police.

Right after the shooting, detectives developed what they thought were promising leads, but none of them panned out.

"We have exhausted all the leads from last week," Salazar said. "We're working it as hard as we can."

Investigators worked on a total of 110 leads generated through tips and another 166 leads based on information detectives developed through databases of car registrations and drivers' licenses.

Police have been looking for a dark green, late-1990s model Toyota Tacoma pickup with an extended cab ever since the shooting. Investigators released a picture of a similar-looking truck Friday to give the public an idea of what they're seeking.

Doing a database investigation, investigators learned there were 177 dark green Tacoma pickups with extended cabs in Salt Lake County, Salazar said. Each one was investigated, he said.

Witnesses said the gunman's truck had a white license plate. That could mean it was a Ski Utah license plate, Salazar said. But investigators didn't even know for sure if the license plate on the vehicle they were looking for is a Utah plate.

Police also said Friday the vehicle they are looking for was believed to have TRD model stock wheels.

Anyone with information on either the vehicle or the gunman can call police at 840-4000.

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