I find it sad but typical of the Lehi City Council, city administrator and the city's contracted attorney that they would intentionally mislead the citizens they serve by publishing half-truths, having closed-door meetings, making little or no effort to inform citizens of public policy and now trying to scare citizens away from publicly owned information.

I'm addressing the Lehi City Council's latest fiasco of misinforming the public about GRAMA requests for public information. Check it out at attorneygeneral.utah.gov/GRAMA. Read the handbook. It's well written and easy to understand.

The Utah GRAMA law is just that — a law. Even the Lehi municipal code on access to publicly owned records aligns with the state code. Those in Lehi government must not believe they are subject to state law.

Specifically, the Utah GRAMA law states, "Every person has the right to inspect a public record free of charge" (Utah Code, Title 63, Chapter 2-201).

I'm proud to be a longtime downtown Lehi resident, and I urge Lehi city to act with integrity in all that it does.

Dave Hoyt