As a member of the poverty-fighting movement called ONE, I'm a voter who cares about the battle against extreme poverty and global disease. Today, in the most vulnerable corners of the world, a child dies every three seconds because he or she doesn't have enough food, can't get to clean water or has been stricken with an entirely preventable and treatable disease like diarrhea or malaria. In these same corners of the world, millions of children never attend school because they don't have enough money.

ONE members want more than vague talk. So we've challenged the candidates to go "on the record." We've gotten presidential contenders from Hillary Clinton to John McCain to go on camera and describe in detail their commitments on such issues as erasing malaria, increasing access to clean water and getting AIDS drugs to those who need them. There will be a lot of noise out of the presidential candidates this election, but some things are too important to be drowned out. Break through the noise and add your voice to the call for a better world at

Alisa Post

Salt Lake City