The House Education Committee approved a resolution Friday that would urge the State Board of Education to close public schools on Veterans Day to allow students to "more fully recognize veterans for preserving freedom for the United States and its citizens."

But some lawmakers, including a veteran, voted against the resolution, HJR 4, saying the classroom is a better place to honor Veterans Day and feared by closing schools the day would become a ski day or shopping day.

Critics of the resolution said in some districts school leaders invite veterans and hold ceremonies to honor the day while allow students to more fully understand what the day is about, honor veterans and learn about their experiences.

Rep. Jim Gowans, D-Tooele, who is a veteran, said he voted against the measure because it would take a day out of his life where he can go and visit the schools and talk to students about his experiences.

And some said it was a decision that needs to be left up to the school districts.

"I am not supporting this, not because I am not supportive of veterans, but districts will look at this and say 'well the legislature wants us to close our schools' ... then areas like Cache, (which) are doing so much to honor veterans, will look at it and say 'what do we do,"' said Kory Holdaway, R-Taylorsville. "This is a resolution that is well meant and I can't argue with it but the effects of it may have consequences that frankly I am not willing to take responsibility for."

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