While reading Lois M. Collins' article about nursing homes (Jan. 19), I was struck by the so-called changes taking place. A national organization, Americans Disabled for Attendant Programs Today, has been working since 1991 to allow people a choice between an institution and community home care that would keep folks in their own homes. Currently, the federal government gives money for nursing home care only. For years, ADAPT has worked to pass the Community Choice Act (HR1621 and SB799) that would allow the federal money to follow the person's care into the community, saving lives and money.

The fact is nursing homes are still institutions and no one is lining up to enter one. ADAPT has a saying: "I would rather go to jail than die in a nursing home — in jail, there is a release date, a nursing home is a death sentence." The Community Choice Act gives the alternative. It needs to be passed.

Barbara Toomer


Salt Lake City