Water was shut off to about 1,850 houses in Ogden after a water-main break Thursday afternoon.

Officials noticed water spilling into the road and found a break in the 36-inch line that comes down Ogden Canyon, said George Benford, the city's services director.

Work crews had the water shut off and at 7 p.m. were working on welding the line, Benford said. "We're trying to repair it so we can get service back until we can get in and replace the line," he said.

The break affected some homes north of 12th Street and east of Monroe Boulevard, officials said.

Benford said water might not be restored to homes in that area until this morning. Officials were not sure what caused the break Thursday night.

"We won't know for awhile," Benford said. "It could be weather-related. When the ground gets this cold, the freezing just causes a little bit of a shift, and sometimes that's all it takes."