SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — A Utah man arrested by Orange County deputies was stripped of his pants, strapped to a chair, Tasered repeatedly while in handcuffs and slammed to the floor with a knee to his head, newly released video shows.

The 13-minute video, given to The Associated Press on Wednesday by the man's attorney, was taken in March 2006 after Matthew Fleuret was arrested during a barroom brawl in San Clemente.

His attorney, Stephen Bernard, has filed a $47 million lawsuit against the county.

Fleuret, who now lives in Utah, was not charged and was released within 24 hours, Bernard said.

Police records show deputies fired a stun gun at Fleuret at least 10 times in the jail. Deputies wrote that Fleuret was extremely intoxicated and "agitated, strong and aggressive."