Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret Morning News

Hard-charging Los Angeles ska/reggae band The Aggrolites play at a Park City television studio Wednesday. They later performed for a conglomeration of movie moguls and guests during the Sundance Film Festival, a showcase for music as well as movies. The live show was only the climax of a day of hustle and bustle for the quintet, which allowed Deseret Morning News photographer Jeffrey D. Allred full access to the band to record one hectic day in their professional lives. Allred followed guitarist Brian Dixon, drummer Korey Horn, organ/pianist Roger Rivas, vocalist Jesse Wagner and bassist Jeff Roffredo as they went on photo shoots, interviewed for television and radio, inspected the concert venue, set up, relaxed and finally burned up the Sundance nightlife. Staff writer Larry D. Curtis blogs about the group and Allred tells the band's story in a multimedia presentation as part of the Sundance digital digest series, available to view here. Writer Larry D. Curtis was also there are writes about it in the Sundance blog found here.