Utah Jazz forward Matt Harpring got the best news possible following his Wednesday colonoscopy and other tests on his ailing digestive tract.

"I'm healthy," he said Thursday morning back at the Jazz's practice.

Although biopsy results won't be fully known until next week, Harpring said doctors ruled out cancer and other diseases they might have suspected, like Crohn's disease, and told him the lining of his GI tract has actually begun to heal with the new medication he's taking.

Harpring had suffered several episodes in the last year or so in which he got so ill that he passed out while throwing up, but he said he hasn't had one in more than a month now.

Harpring said doctors are fairly certain the cause of the episodes can be traced to the anti-inflammatories he's taken for his sore surgically repaired knees, and the new medication to coat his GI tract seems to be helping.

On Monday Harpring got clearance from doctors to play unlimited minutes.