Lohra Miller

Looking for a party? Avoid Salt Lake County District Attorney Lohra Miller's house.

You won't find any there.

The Utah Attorney General's Office cleared the Republican district attorney of allegations that she hosted a parade of parties at her home complete with fighting and underage drinking.

"It doesn't come as a surprise," Miller said. "I knew the allegations weren't true."

Miller was so confident in her innocence that she personally asked Republican Attorney General Mark Shurtleff — who endorsed her candidacy — to investigate.

Investigators spent two months reviewing "allegations of criminal acts, underage drinking, disorderly conduct and day-care provision violations" at Miller's South Jordan home, according to a letter to Miller from Kirk Torgersen, the AG's chief deputy.

"We talked to anybody and everybody to find out if the allegations were true," said Paul Murphy, spokesman for the Attorney General's Office. "We found nothing criminal. Period."

The allegations surfaced after an anonymous writer sent an e-mail to dozens of sources accusing Miller and her family of throwing alcohol-filled parties for teens.

Her next-door-neighbor, Gary Zielinski, called the house "party central" and told the Deseret Morning News that slamming doors and fights awakened him and his wife during frequent gatherings of young people that sometimes ran until 4 a.m.

Neighbors also registered complaints with the subdivision homeowners association that Miller and her husband, Lorenzo Miller, run an unlicensed day-care center in their house.

Needless to say, Miller is trying to sell her house.

She said she hopes the market will pick up soon so she can sell her home and start fresh somewhere else. The allegations not only hurt Miller, but "it was a very emotionally trying time for my children to be the subject of these types of unfounded allegations," she said.

"These allegations should have never been a newsworthy story," Miller said. "There are more important things the public should know about."

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