Laura Seitz, Deseret Morning News
President George Bush impersonator Steve Bridges entertains the crowd at the Annual League of Cities and Towns luncheon at Grand America in Salt Lake on Wednesday

The Utah League of Cities and Towns held its annual Local Officials' Day Wednesday with activities at the Capitol and a luncheon at the Grand America Hotel.

The nonpartisan group advocates for issues important to Utah municipalities, with 242 member communities statewide.

The Utah Legislature honored the organization's 100th anniversary with passage of a joint resolution officially recognizing their efforts to "promote civic responsibility and community interest during the past 100 years."

Representatives from the ULCT as well as members of youth councils from across the state attended legislative committee meetings, watched floor sessions of the Senate and House of Representatives and toured the newly renovated Capitol. Following activities at the Legislature, the groups reconvened at the Grand America for a presentation by Salt Lake Tribune political cartoonist Pat Bagley.

Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. spoke briefly to the convention, reminding them that "our quality of life in this state ... doesn't start in the governor's office, it starts with you ... at the most local of levels." Huntsman's remarks were followed by a short video featuring clips from popular films, with cameos of Utah legislators and ULCT officials edited in.

After lunch, a performance by impersonator Steve Bridges, portraying President George W. Bush, entertained attendees. Bridges has appeared on national television shows, including "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," "Inside Politics" and "Good Morning America."

A sampling of his jokes (read in a President Bush voice):

• "Sen. Clinton may become President ... if she's the right man for the job"

• "The media makes you think I'm not smart because they show you those moments when I misannounce a word ... and that's just not fair."

• "First, it's an honor to be here ... and third, I want to apologize for forgettin' my second point."

• "I understand I'm not very popular with the polls ... and I don't care. If I was concerned about the polls, I would have run for president of Poland."

• "I'm told my numbers are at 29 percent. In my book, that's low-fat."

• "No matter how bad my job gets, there's always Dick Cheney."

• "I have to fight a liberal press every day. The press doesn't agree with my policies and I can handle that ... but they don't have to go out and tell everybody."

• "I don't like Camp David. They call that a ranch. If that's a ranch, it's the sissiest ranch I've ever seen."

• "I've got people sayin' I'm not the brightest bulb in the knife drawer."

• "I got a good education ... I attended an Ivory League school."

• "Bob Woodward wrote a book about me called 'State of Denial.' Everybody knows denial is not a state ... it's a river ... in Africa."

• "When I met Laura she was a teacher. She taught fourth- and fifth-year-olds."

• "I'm the pro-life president ... I believe life begins at contraception."

• "Don't worry about the economy, that's my job. And I'm not worried about it."

• "The Muslim people and the Jewish people need to learn to get along ... it's the Christian thing to do."

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