Rep. Kerry W. Gibson, R-Ogden, discovered a flaw in the state's lemon law the hard way. Shortly after his farm began using a new tractor, it caught on fire three times. But the motor vehicle lemon law did not apply.

The electrical wiring harness, an expensive part, had a flaw, he said. After several tries, with some help from the manufacturer, the dealer could not repair the tractor.

Gibson discovered that while manufacturers are required to repair flaws in new cars that they built, the state's lemon law has specific exemptions for a "farm tractor, road tractor or truck tractor," he told the House Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Committee. He could understand arguments about road and truck tractors, because they might have been driven many miles on the highways, raising questions about what caused the problem.

Unable to find a rationale for exempting farm tractors, Gibson has introduced a measure, HB249, "Vehicles Covered by New Motor Vehicle Warranties," that would strike the farm tractor exemption. On Tuesday, the committee unanimously backed the bill.