Doctors at the Utah State Hospital are recommending Gregory G. Jackson remain in their care for now but say he no longer poses a danger to himself or others "under certain conditions."

That information was revealed during a status hearing for Jackson Tuesday in 3rd District Court.

Jackson was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the murder of his wife, 29-year-old Deepika Karu Jackson in 1993. She was killed three days after the two were married.

Although he was acquitted of the crime, former Judge Leslie Lewis in 1998 committed Jackson, now 46, to the Utah State Hospital for life because of mental health issues.

In August of 1993, Jackson strangled his wife believing she was the devil. After the murder, Jackson said he often heard voices and was seen at one court hearing banging his head against a wall. At another hearing, he was asked why he wasn't getting a "citizen's award" for killing Satan.

Prosecutors say Jackson suffered some brain damage in a car accident in 1998 which may have been partially to blame for his problems.

Jackson was not present for Tuesday's brief hearing. Another hearing is scheduled for six months from now. Attorneys say although Jackson may be working toward release from the state hospital, he could civilly committed to another facility.