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Stephen Speckman, Deseret Morning News
"Hell Ride" actor Michael Madsen

PARK CITY — Let's see. You're a celebrity and you're in Utah for a short time for the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. What to do, what to do.

Well, how about the same thing as anyone else who takes a vacation or travels to the Beehive State.

Actor Michael Madsen laughed and said Tuesday he is just glad to get a break from his six "rebellious" boys during his trip to Utah.

"They're driving me crazy," Madsen said while checking in at the Hollywood Life House on Main Street. He stars in the Sundance film "Hell Ride."

It's been over a decade since he's been to the festival for his part in Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs." Madsen said he's glad to hang out with guys like Tarantino and Dennis Hopper again.

Hopper's publicist, however, said he was much too busy to comment for this story as she whisked him to a waiting SUV.

Madsen's "Hell Ride" co-star Eric Balfour is busy helping to promote the movie and, like most actors during the festival, doing press events. But Balfour is stoked about coming back to Utah to ski.

"The snow is amazing right now," Balfour said.

It's the fourth time at Sundance for Crispin Glover, who last year showed his film "It is fine! Everything is fine." He's a little partial to skiing at Deer Valley.

"It was great," said Glover, a skier since he was 8.

Glover said he feels right at home at the festival and that he doesn't need a publicist to escort him around this year. After a visit for some swag at the Hollywood Life House, Glover strode comfortably down Main Street by himself.

Rapper Lil Jon has been, what else, rapping while in Utah for the first time. He's also been snowboarding in Park City. "It's incredible," he said. "I love the mountains.

"I'm definitely coming back,' he added. "Tell the mayor I said hello."

Lil Jon better not run into actress and skier Bijou Phillips on the slopes. She lives in Park City for half of the year, skis and isn't shy about voicing her dislike of snowboarding in general.

"I hate what the snowboarders do to the mountain," Phillips said, taking a break from talking about her movie, "Choke." Those pesky snowboarders apparently ruin moguls and "smash into you." She's unapologetically ready for your e-mails. She'll also give you an honest piece of her mind about which restaurants she loves — and hates — in Park City.

Up and coming actress, ahem, Anjelica Huston also stars in the movie with Phillips. The main publicist for the movie, however, would not allow Huston to be approached for this story. We'll just have to assume she loves Utah and plans on making it her second home as well.

Another "Choke" actress, Gillian Jacobs, said she isn't sleeping much while promoting and partying on behalf of the movie. Sounding every bit like the out-of-towner, Jacobs admitted to having trouble getting around.

"I got my car stuck in a snowdrift," she said. "I'm not used to driving in the snow, coming from New York." That's right, Gillian, they don't make snowdrifts in New York like they do out here!

No sweat, though. Maybe now that her movie has been picked up by a major distributor, she'll be able to have someone drive her to her next movie premiere. Perhaps that nice publicist will be available.

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