The Salt Lake City Library System's own mystery book tale is now closed.

The owner of some antique jewelry found in a hollowed-out, donated book several months ago is stepping forward to claim them.

"The jewels have been claimed," Andrew Shaw, assistant manager of community affairs for the library, said Tuesday.

Carrie Jolley of Brigham City heard about the search for the owner of some antique jewelry, highlighted in a Jan. 1 Deseret Morning News story, and contacted the library. Shaw said Jolley hasn't actually picked up the jewels yet but is working with the library's assistant director on the claim.

She has old photos that match the antique jewelry.

When volunteers were preparing for a book sale for the Friends of the City Library organization several months ago, they came upon a surprising find — a book, "Holy Siege," by Kenneth A. Briggs, that rattled.

Inside was a homemade book safe. Pages were hollowed out to hold some family's treasure of antique jewelry.

Part of the book's contents include a locket with a picture in it and a monogram. The jewels weren't considered particularly valuable except as family heirlooms.

Shaw said the book and jewelry apparently came from the house of Jolley's aunt, who recently died. The book was mistakenly donated to the book sale.

The Deseret Morning News was unable to reach Jolley for comment.

Shaw said that, according to the recollections of current library workers, the things found in donated books are usually fun, little items — family photographs, bookmarks, homework — but nothing like this latest find.

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