House Republicans got a shock Tuesday when they reviewed a long list of proposed legislation that would cost an extra $300 million.

Of course, not all of the bills briefly discussed in an open House GOP caucus will pass.

House Republicans have already taken a caucus position of giving a $100 million tax cut. Some of that $300 million would go to tax cuts. But other bills would actually spend more money on various programs.

Even though the 2008 Legislature has more than $400 million in one-time surpluses and in new tax revenue growth, it is unlikely the 55 House Republicans will agree to such large tax cuts and/or spending increases reflected in the 14 bills and three budget items now in the large fiscal-note bills.

However, several bills do have backing by important legislative groups.

SB28, a $5 million business tax cut, is backed by a number of senators, says Senate President John Valentine, R-Orem.

While HB69 is a $13 million property tax bill favored by a number of House Republicans.