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Sonia Castro

OREM — Orem police are seeking information on the whereabouts of a 17-year-old mother and her 2-month-old son.

They have been asking for tips from the public for nearly two weeks.

"I haven't had anything passed on to me," said Orem Police Sgt. Craig Gaines. "I'm kind of baffled."

Sonia Castro and her baby, Anthony, were last seen by family on Jan. 12.

Police believe she might have left with her boyfriend, Carlos Lopez-Bernal, even though a court-issued restraining order prohibits him from contacting Castro or being near her or the baby.

"In that order, the judge does talk about that the baby can be removed from Carlos ... because in his judgment, the baby is at risk," Gaines said.

Although there is nothing that indicates violence in this disappearance, Gaines said the couple has a history of violence with each other.

A weak lead came Tuesday after Gaines talked with Castro's best friend, with whom Castro usually shares most everything.

Apparently the friend told police she heard something from someone about a phone call in which Castro said she left with boyfriend Lopez-Bernal after a disagreement with her mother.

"If what I heard was true, and a phone call was made, they're fairly close to here," Gaines said.

However, because the information is vague and coming from a third party, Gaines is still encouraging Utah County residents to be alert and call police with any sightings or information. Gaines can be reached at 801-400-9827.

"If they see her at all, if somebody mentions if they saw her, it would be worth letting us follow up on it," he said.

Lopez-Bernal, the baby's father, was last seen driving a black Chrysler 300 with a temporary Utah permit sticker.