• Use as a tenderizing marinade for meats, as with the classic Indian dish Chicken Tandoori.

• Make a dessert parfait by layering granola, fruit and flavored yogurt.

• Use in baked goods, such as rolls and bread, to give them a tender crumb.

• Make raita, an Indian creamy cucumber salad.

• Substitute half the mayonnaise used in potato salad and cole slaw for plain yogurt to make a healthier side dish.

• Make tztatziki — a Greek yogurt-cucumber sauce — to top gyro and falafel sandwiches.

• Add to smoothies for a calcium boost.

• Slather plain yogurt on a sunburn. It gives a soothing coolness and moisture, according to a Reader's Digest online article, "Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things," at rd.com. Leave on for a 20 minutes and rinse with cool water.

• Make yogurt sour cream. It has the same consistency as sour cream but less fat. Here's how to do it, according to "The Essential Food Storage Cookbook" (Leatherwood Press, $16.95).

Empty a pint of yogurt into a large, fine-meshed strainer or colander lined with cheesecloth or a coffee filter. Place a bowl under the strainer to catch the liquid (whey) that drains from the yogurt. Refrigerate the whole thing for 6-10 hours. Discard the liquid and use what's left as you would sour cream (potato topping, chip dip, etc.).

• Make yogurt cheese, which has the same consistency as cream cheese (again, with a lot less fat).

Follow the above directions, only leave the yogurt in the refrigerator for 12-48 hours. The longer it drains, the drier the texture. You can use the resulting "cheese" as a cracker spread or in a cheese ball.