The "Bloggernacle" is a light-hearted way of referring to the large (and growing daily) number of LDS-oriented blog sites that exist online. As you might expect, these blogs vary in terms of orthodoxy, depth of thought and quality of writing. But almost all of them are sincere and heart-felt. Following are links to some of the best of what we've seen in the Bloggernacle today:

— On Day of Praise there is a must-see link to a YouTube posting of "Come Though Fount of Every Blessing," a beautiful video featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing over lovely, pastoral scenes. You'll want to share this link with others.

— A sweet tribute to the powerful spirit of a mentally challenged brother in a post called "Sincerity in Prayer" by Geoff B on The Millennial Star.

— Interesting and practical post by Janet on "Taking Sick Kids to Church" on the Feminist Mormon Housewives blog site.