Wait, what did I just vote for? A new police station or vouchers?

Both were listed on the November 2007 ballot with the same identifying number — One. A move to overturn the voucher law was listed as Citizens State Referendum 1, and the Salt Lake City bond was Proposition 1.

It was enough to confuse voters, said Rep. Chris Johnson, D-Salt Lake.

Voters were baffled as to "what the differences were between the referendums and ballot issues that were all numbered 1. Proposition 1, referendum 1 ... certainly there is a better way to categorize these in order to improve voter understanding," Johnson said.

To clear up the confusion, Johnson is sponsoring HB126, which sets clear guidelines as to how to name propositions, bond issues, constitutional amendments and bond questions on the ballot.

The bill passed out of the House Government Operations Committee today with a favorable recommendation, and will now be placed on the House consent calendar.

"I think it's a great idea," said Rep. Eric Hutchings, R-Kearns. "Anything we can do to make things straightforward, because there are enough things that people have to consider on the ballot."'