KAYSVILLE — The City Council decided to take no action on a prospective trail in the proposed Monte Bella subdivision and let the developer and nearby homeowners decide its fate.

The council recently held a public hearing regarding the path, and most residents opposed it. They generally fear more crime and intrusions on their privacy if the trail is built by Ivory Homes.

The trail would follow the stream in a new 27-lot subdivision at about 1250 S. Main.

"If teens can have easier access to this hollow, we'll see more problems," Chris McRoberts said. "I'd rather not take the risk."

He said most who are in favor of the trail don't live near it. He said teenagers periodically build wooden forts along the stream and do drugs there.

"I'm against this, but I'm for trails," Ann Brian, another nearby resident, said. "It's not an ideal place for a trail. It's too secretive there."

Brian also said the water level of the stream has been high enough at times to reach her fence line, making it a bad spot for a trail.

However, Terry Welch, who lives in unincorporated Davis County near Farmington — though not near this proposed trail — disagreed.

He lives next to Davis Creek and had the same fear as many Kaysville residents about a new trail coming near his home.

"My experiences have been the opposite of what I feared," he said. "I'm now a huge proponent of trails."

He said crime and problems actually went down after the trail was built.

Farmington has a nearby trail that could connect with the proposed Monte Bella path. Some hope that trail could one day add a link to the Cherry Hill area from Farmington.

After hearing the public's comments, councilman Gil Miller said the developer needs to work out a solution with residents, noting that the council voted unanimously in December not to put the trail on the subdivision plat.

Mayor Neka Roundy agreed it was not the city's job to work out the disagreement.

Andy Thompson, Kaysville's city engineer, said he understands the developer is neutral on the trail's installation.

The City Council decided to offer a recording of the council's public hearing to the developer, who was not at the meeting, to assist in a resolution.

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