In quintessential Nevada style, at least two Democratic caucuses in small northern towns came down to a draw of the cards.

At the Jacks Valley Elementary School in Genoa, the number of votes in District No. 5 were split: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama were tied with 26 votes apiece.

According to Democratic rules, caucus chairwoman Nancy Downey shuffled a deck of cards, ironically with "Hillary" on the back, and spread them out on a table with fold-up legs.

A Clinton backer drew a five. An Obama supporter pulled out a king. The crowd whooped.

Obama earned two delegates, while Clinton got one.

"I drew the five to lose to the king," said Clinton backer Greg Kuntz, a 45-year-old special-education teacher in South Lake Tahoe. "Only in Nevada."

A similar Old West tiebreaker played out at Zephyr Cove along Lake Tahoe, where the two candidates tied 24-24. Again the Clinton camp drew a five only to be trumped by a nine.