Last week, Salt Lake police arrested five people for investigation of a series of car burglaries in the downtown area, mainly around the EnergySolutions Arena during Utah Jazz games.

Now, investigators have a lot of recovered stolen property that they'd like to return to the rightful owners.

Police displayed the items in an evidence room Friday. Thousands of dollars of merchandise including iPods, jewelry, wallets, cell phones, cameras, stereos, boosters, coats and tools were recovered. A few unusual items were also found, including a video game console, a toaster, an egg and muffin cooker, an air gun and a bottle of alcohol.

Salt Lake City police detective Jeff Bedard said the case is a prime example of why people should never leave valuables in their car. It was also a reminder of why it's important to write down the serial numbers of purchased electronic equipment.

In order to claim property, owners must have the serial numbers of their stolen electronic merchandise, Bedard said. For items that do not have serial numbers, such as CDs or sunglasses, he said owners must give a very detailed description of what was stolen from them.

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Five people were arrested Jan. 10 after a recent rash of car burglaries around the EnergySolutions Arena prompted police to put extra officers on the street around the site during Jazz games. The move paid off as officers watched two men break into a vehicle. After getting the license plate of the vehicle the men fled in, they went to a house where they recovered stolen property and made five arrests.

Investigators believe possibly two groups were responsible for the rash of car burglaries.

Anyone who had their car broken into near the EnergySolutions Arena and items stolen during the first ten days of the year can call police at 799-3739 to find out what they need to do to reclaim their items.