Utah's public school enrollments are projected to jump by 12,880 students between fall 2007 and fall 2008. A story in Friday's Deseret Morning News inaccurately stated that growth was between fall 2006 and 2007. Student enrollment between fall 2006 and 2007 jumped 2.6 percent, or by 13,650 students. Just under 3,000 of those new students attend charter schools, for a 15.5 percent enrollment growth. Alpine District grew by 4.7 percent, or 2,614 students. Davis grew 2.7 percent, or by 1,719 students. Jordan grew by 1.9 percent, or 1,479 students. Iron grew by 157 students, or 1.9 percent. Granite declined by 0.8 percent, or by 535 students.