Winner: After eight long years, it appears Davis County and Salt Lake City might be friends again. New Salt Lake Mayor Ralph Becker traveled to Davis County this week to visit his "friends to the north." That's quite a change from the previous mayor, who joined a lawsuit to stop the Legacy Parkway and who said Davis commuters pollute too much when they come south, a comment for which he later apologized. Becker promised to search for common ground. How refreshing.

Loser: Provo City's socialized telecom service, iProvo, continues to flounder. A city councilman reported this week that the service lost an average of 115 subscribers per month last year while gaining an average of only 67. The highly subsidized fiber-optic delivery network appears to be losing out to other private networks offering competitive rates. That's hardly surprising. The city had no business entering such a competitive field in the first place.