Kennecott Utah Copper and Kennecott Land recently joined more than 50 companies and cities across the country in agreeing to voluntarily report greenhouse gas emissions to The Climate Registry.

Along with Kennecott Utah Copper and Kennecott Land, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County and Utah's Department of Environmental Quality are also founding members who have agreed to report greenhouse gas emissions to the nonprofit organization that measures and publicly reports greenhouse gas emissions.

Participants with The Climate Registry have committed to measure, independently verify and publicly report their greenhouse gas emissions on an annual basis.

Kennecott's parent company, Rio Tinto, has been voluntarily reporting greenhouse gas emissions since 2000 before joining the U.S. Climate Action Partnership in 2007. The Climate Action Partnership is an organization of businesses and environmental groups that encourage federal policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In an announcement released Tuesday, Kennecott emphasized the company's efforts to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions by co-generating 22 megawatts of electricity from waste heat. Homes built in the Kennecott Land housing project, Daybreak, are all Energy Star rated and energy efficient, according to the company.