Nine years to the day he was given five to life for aggravated bank robbery, James Edward Allums apparently decided to give robbery a try again, with bungled consequences.

According to court records, Allums walked into the Home Savings Bank in South Salt Lake City on Nov. 30, where he approached a teller, bent down to adjust his mask and brandished a long knife. At that point, a bank employee on the second floor above Allums dropped a chair on top of Allums, foiling his robbery attempt. Employees reported that Allums removed his mask, swore at the employee and fled on foot.

Later a family member identified Allums from a bank surveillance photo and recorded audio of the robbery attempt. Allums was located and arrested two days later. A search of his residence and vehicle yielded a coat and shoes similar to ones worn in the robbery.

State court records show that nine years earlier, on Nov. 30, 1998, Allums was sentenced to five years to life in prison for three counts of aggravated armed robbery. Allums was previously paroled by the state system.

This time, Allums has been charged in the federal system. The 45-year-old faces up to 25 years in federal prison if convicted.

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