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Keith Johnson, Deseret Morning News
A car sits in a parking lot at 1300 East and Fort Union Blvd. late Tuesday after a shooting that began as a road rage incident. Police are seeking the driver of a dark late-1990s model Toyota Tacoma.

A man shot in the back of the head during a road rage incident in Midvale Tuesday night is not expected to survive, according to police.

Family and friends of 43-year-old Frank Saucedo, of South Salt Lake, were gathered at the hospital Wednesday where Saucedo was on life-support, to pay their final respects. Midvale Police Capt. Steve Shreeve said the man was expected to be taken off life-support before the day was over.

Saucedo was still in "extremely critical condition" at about 10 p.m. Wednesday, said Jess Gomez, a spokesman for Intermountain Medical Center.

Saucedo was in the front passenger seat of a Mercury Sable with 27-year-old Lacey Nielsen in the back seat and 25-year-old Morgan Taylor at the wheel. They were pulling out of a Smith's Food and Drug parking lot, near 7000 South and 1000 East, just before 10 p.m. and onto Fort Union Blvd. Their car inadvertently cut off a dark green late 1990s model Toyota Tacoma pickup with an extended cab that was either dark blue or dark green, Shreeve said.

But Taylor told KSL-TV on Wednesday that the driver of the Tacoma cut him off and then words were exchanged.

"I told him to slow down, and I asked him, 'What's your problem?'" Taylor told the TV station.

The incident apparently enraged the driver of the Tacoma, who followed the Sable for a few blocks. Just as the Sable was turning to go north onto 700 East, the driver of the Tacoma fired one round into their vehicle, Shreeve said.

"I just said, 'That guy's got a gun,' and the last thing I heard Frank say was, 'Oh my God, he's got a gun,' and then I had no clue or idea that guy would actually do what he did," Taylor told KSL-TV.

The bullet shattered the back window, barely missed Nielsen, and struck Saucedo in the back of the head, he said.

"Witnesses only heard the shot," Shreeve said. "The driver looked over and his passenger was slumped over."

Taylor turned around to drive to a hospital and pulled over when he saw a Salt Lake County sheriff's deputy near 1300 E. Fort Union Blvd.

Investigators believe the driver of the Tacoma was the lone occupant of the vehicle. Detectives who later returned to the scene of the shooting recovered a .40-caliber shell casing.

Detectives are now asking for the public's help in finding the alleged shooter or his truck.

"We need information from anyone who may have seen this," Shreeve said.

Anyone who may have seen a vehicle matching the suspect's in the Fort Union area last night who may not have realized it was involved in a shooting, is asked to call police at 840-4000.

A few leads were generated Wednesday afternoon from witnesses.

"We had some good information develop," Shreeve said. "We're following up those leads right now."

The shooter was described by witnesses as a man between 20-to-30 years old with dark stringy hair and a dark goatee.

"There is no road rage incident that ends well, even if it ends in people yelling at each other and exchanging gestures. Road rage never ends well," Shreeve said.

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