HEBER CITY — The Wasatch County Council decided Wednesday to wait a few weeks before approving the petition to incorporate the town of Hideout.

Wasatch County Attorney Thomas Low told the council it couldn't vote on the petition because a population study had not been completed by a state committee charged with verifying the number of residents in Hideout's proposed boundaries.

In order to incorporate, a town needs at least 100 residents.

The bulk of Hideout's residents live in the Todd Hollow Apartments, whose owners, fearing that an incorporation could end up costing more money for services, filed a petition to opt out of the incorporation area.

Hideout's backers say they don't have a plan in place to keep expenses down but want to do what's best for the community.

The council plans to take up the matter at its Feb. 6 meeting.

Hideout is one of three proposed new towns in Wasatch County. The other two are Independence and Aspen.