The "Bloggernacle" is a light-hearted way of referring to the large (and growing daily) number of LDS-oriented blog sites that exist online. As you might expect, these blogs vary in terms of orthodoxy, depth of thought and quality of writing. But almost all of them are sincere and heart-felt. Following are links to some of the best of what we've seen in the Bloggernacle today:

— A thoughtful essay by Jordan F. on 1 Nephi 3: 1 and how "we, like Nephi, should return from sacred experiences peering into the Heavenly realm back into the often lone and dreary wilderness of this world" on A Bird's Eye View.

— A brief but information-packed reference to Gladys Knight and Mormon Music on Dave's Mormon Inquiry.

— Terrific blog by Norbert on By Common Consent about training he is doing on the form and structure of Sacrament Meeting talks. This should be "must" reading for everyone who will ever give a talk in Sacrament Meeting!

— A compelling and insightful review of Ryan Little's new film, "Forever Strong, from the ongoing LDS Film Festival by Gideon Burton, Chair of the BYU Studies Arts & Sciences Board, on the aptly named Gideon Burton's Blog.

— A light-hearted look at some of the key questions that must be answered by the bishop of the Washington D.C. 3rd Ward if a new member family moves in to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Yes, you've seen similar lists. But this one has been updated on the Adventures in Mormonism blog site.