Elder Gerald N. Lund, author of the "Work and the Glory" series, poses a key question in his new book, "Hearing the Voice of the Lord."

"How do I know for sure when it is the Lord speaking to me?" Elder Lund writes.

The longtime CES instructor and current member of the Second Quorum of the Seventy seeks to outline the methods by which we can not only receive, but also recognize revelation.

The subtitle of the book is "Principles and Patterns of Personal Revelation." Elder Lund explores God's means of communicating with his children and how revelation is tailored to our individual characteristics. He also addresses how inspiration can serve as a guide through trials and how we can be more receptive to the Holy Ghost.

Among the other questions Lund proposes are: How do you distinguish between warnings from the Lord and our own worry? Do we ever expect too much? Can we misinterpret spiritual experiences? And how can we best use the gift of the Holy Ghost?

At the end of the first chapter, Elder Lund writes: "What we want to know is: How does all of this work for me?"

The pages of the book are also supplemented with breakout quotes from Church leaders relevant to the topics of discussion.

"Hearing the Voice of the Lord" is published by Deseret Book (November, 2007).