Eleven patents were awarded to Utah inventors on Dec. 18. They are:

Method and system for cooling electrical components downhole. Joe Fox, Spanish Fork; David R. Hall, Provo. Filed Dec. 8, 2004. Patent No. 7,308,795.

Air conditioning system operating on vehicle waste energy. Thomas D. Harrison. Filed Sept. 13, 2006, claiming priority to multiple prior patent applications. Patent No. 7,308,799.

Pressure control valve having intrinsic feedback system. Stephen C. Jacobsen, Salt Lake City; Shane Olsen, Centerville; Michael Morrison, West Jordan. Assigned to Sarcos Investments LC, Salt Lake City. Filed Dec. 1, 2005, claiming priority to provisional patent Application No. 60/633,001, filed Dec. 2, 2004. Patent No. 7,308,848.

Vehicle loading and unloading method. Fred P. Smith, Alpine; Todd Mendenhall, Riverton; Kevin Richard McCrory, Gary Wayne Teichrob, both of Chilliwack, Calif. Assigned to TY-Corp Manufacturing Ltd., Rosedale, Calif. Filed July 28, 2004, a continuation-in-part of Patent No. 7,114,909, filed Nov. 24, 2003. Patent No. 7,309,205.

Method and apparatus for bone plating. T. Wade Fallin, Hyde Park; Robert W. Hoy, Paradise. Assigned to MedicineLodge Inc., Logan. Filed June 20, 2003. Patent No. 7,309,340.

Browser-based music rendering apparatus method and system. Cutis J. Morley, Orem; Emerson Tyler Wright, West Jordan. Filed Sept. 3, 2004. Patent No. 7,309,826.

System, method and computer program product for migrating data from one database to another database. Patrick R. Felsted, Cedar Hills; Timothy S. Larsen, Orem. Assigned to Novell Inc., Provo. Filed Feb. 9, 2005, a continuation of Patent No. 6,915,287, filed Dec. 13, 2001. Patent No. 7,310,650.

Multi-channel power line exchange protocol. Bradley C. Giles, Salt Lake City; Alan K. Walbeck, Sandy; Michael J. Miller, Eric R. Southam, both of Pleasant Grove. Assigned to Thomson Licensing SA, Boulogne-Billancourt, France. Filed April 25, 2000. Patent No. 7,310,670.

Hoop box. Timothy M. Maycock, Ogden. Filed Aug. 29, 2006. Design Patent No. D557,540.

Circle and bi-directional ray drawing device. Renae Haddadin, Sandy. Filed March 15, 2006. Design Patent No. D557,623.

Adjustable height basketball hoop. Kevin McAllister, American Fork; Bryce Doman, Lehi. Assigned to Rainbow Play Systems Inc., Brookings, S.D. Filed Jan. 25, 2007. Design Patent No. D557,759.

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