LINDON — New musicals, comedy and holiday favorites are on tap for the 2008 season at the Valley Center Playhouse. Owner Jody Renstrom has selected this season's scripts from some recognizable and some unrecognizable names.

"Last year I did all my shows that I had written," Renstrom said. "This year, I'm doing everyone else's."

Renstrom chose her season from playwright associates who have new plays or scripts.

"I thought it would be wonderful to do shows from all of these people who have talked to me like Bill Brown and Don Crosby. It's just been a long time in coming," she said.

A new special event comes in August with "The Royal Gathering," an evening for children to dress like princes and princesses and to meet other royalty and learn how to curtsey, bow and other formal etiquette. The children will also get a short story, games and treats. Children in formal attire will be invited to be in the royal march.

Shows of interest include "Rock Rollers and Pancakes" by local playwright Bill Brown. The script is a personal life sketch of an early childhood experience and one zany summer.

In February, the playhouse will take on "Pirates of Penzance" for the first time.

"A few years ago we did 'Mikado,' but we have never done 'Pirates,' and everyone else had done this," Renstrom said. "We needed a musical."

The season will also feature the premiere of a new musical by Oscar winner Crosby, "Never Kiss On A Park Bench." Crosby will be on to help direct. The season lineup:

• "Who Killed Aunt Caroline?" through Feb. 11

• "Pirates of Penzance" Feb. 15-March 24

• "The Rivals " March 28- May 5

• "Cinderella's Waltz Right Inn" May 9-June 16

• "Never Kiss on a Park Bench," June 20-July 28

• "The Royal Gathering," Aug. 1-18

• "Rock Rollers & Pancakes," Aug. 23-Sept. 29

• "Shadowbrook Mansion" and "Hotel Frankenstein," every other night Oct. 2-27

• "The Follies," Nov. 1-19

• "Best Christmas Pageant Ever," Nov. 28-Dec. 22