PROVO — The judge presiding over the hearing of the men accused of killing Kiplyn Davis agreed Monday morning to allow her death certificate to be presented as evidence.

Davis, from Spanish Fork, is presumed dead and two of her former classmates — Christopher Jeppson and Timmy Brent Olsen — have been charged with her murder.

Monday marks the fifth — and possibly final — day of a preliminary hearing in 4th District Court. After the end of the hearing, Judge Lynn Davis will rule whether there's enough evidence to warrant a trial.

Jeppson's defense attorney argued against the admission of the death certificate, saying there's not enough information in the case file about the day, time or method of Davis' death for it to be relevant evidence.

Davis' body has never been found. She was last seen around a noon lunch time on May 2, 1995 at Spanish Fork High School.

"No findings of fact ... were alleged in the petition (for a death certificate)," said Scott Williams, attorney for Jeppson. "There certainly seems to be significantly less information (here) than is before this court in this proceeding."

Defense attorneys plan to call one witness Monday afternoon.