What: An independent festival for new filmmakers.

When: Thursday through Jan. 25

Where: Star Bar, 268 Main, and Treasure Mountain Inn, 255 Main, Park City

How much: $8.50-$11 for feature screenings (discounts for Utah residents), $330 for all-access pass (discount passes for industry members available for $200).

Phone: 323-466-1786



What: Described by festival founders as "the Academy Awards of action-sports filmmaking."

When: Saturday through Jan. 23

Where: Salt Lake City

How much: $5 per screening, $10 day pass, $30 festival pass


Queer Lounge

What: A networking venue and forum geared toward promoting and supporting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender films.

When: Friday through Jan. 24

Where: 608 Main, Park City

How much: Free



What: An independent film festival whose mission is to provide "an opportunity to everyone who's ever picked up a camera to have their work seen without the compromises required by the elitist cartel interference."

When: Friday through Jan. 25

Where: Park City and Salt Lake City

How much: Free


The Park City Film Music Festival

What: A festival that recognizes the contributions of composers and their music to film.

When: Thursday through Jan. 27

Where: Various venues in Park City and Salt Lake City

How much: $10 (discounts for Summit County residents) for individual tickets, $30 for all-day pass

Phone: 435-649-5309


LDS Film Festival

What: An independent festival that highlights the work of LDS filmmakers.

When: Wednesday through Saturday

Where: SCERA Theater, 745 S. State, Orem

How much: $2-$6 for individual screenings, $28 day pass, $45 all-event pass


Schmoozedance Festival

What: A one-day film festival that focuses on Jewish-oriented movies.

When: Friday, after 6:30 p.m. worship services

Where: In the old Temple Har Shalom building, 1922 Prospector Ave., Park City

How much: Free

For more information: Contact Dondea Sherer-Lykes, 435-649-2276